Our mission ? Offer you cheap building materials!

Now known as the low price specialist, originally built its entire business on the sale of imperfect materials. Although the sale of these materials is still very important for her today, at the request of its customers, the company has added several lines of premium products to expand its offering.

Premium materials are now an important part of our sales. Our purchasing power and direct imports allow us to have very interesting promotions. And above all, low prices continue to be our mission.


Brief history

Many manufacturers must dispose of imperfect building materials that do not always meet the high standards of the industry. However, many construction and renovation works can be done with these imperfect materials. This simple observation combined with the spirit of entrepreneurship of the founder-owner, Mr. Christian Richer, is at the origin of the foundation of Low Price Materials. This Quebec company specializing in the sale of high quality and imperfect building materials was created in 1985 in Lachute.



Inside its warehouses, Low Price Materials offers consumers an important inventory. Mainly recognized for its building materials, there are also: floating floors, hardwood floors, ceramics, natural stones, MDF moldings, doors, paints, exterior finishes, hardware , cement products, treated wood and many other related articles and accessories. Also, in addition to recovering your old containers, Low Price Materials is very proud to be a major recycled paint retailer!

The inventory may vary according to the availability of the products, but the DIYers find at the specialist low prices, competent and professional employees who know how to advise and serve them according to their specific needs. At Low Price Materials, the customer finds a simple, efficient organization and clearly stated sales conditions both at the point of sale and on the invoices.

We are a solid and professional team: that’s the winning formula!

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