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Caution before you embark!
Ah! Spring! Period of the year in which the thoughts of the owners are occupied by the improvements to be made to their residence. Many of you are probably considering a two-week leave to perform a blitz in this bathroom or kitchen that you simply can not look at. Bravo! But beware! Caution should be exercised. You should spend more time planning your renovation project than realizing it.

Plan to Save

Before starting to break down the walls, I suggest you spend a few
dollars to a critical step – planning – which will save you hundreds of dollars and even more in the long run. Have your home inspected by an advisor of the Canadian EnerGuide for Houses program on energy efficiency in homes. A qualified technician will visit you and:

– determine the EnerGuide rating of your home’s energy efficiency;
– Recommend the necessary renovations to increase the comfort and efficiency
energy in your home; and
– if necessary, will help you get grants for this purpose.

The technician will check the insulation and hermeticity of your home, as well as the efficiency of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. If you own a single family dwelling, the inspection could cost you as little as $ 149.95. If you plan your renovations to improve the EnerGuide rating of your home by insulating, eliminating air leaks, replacing windows, etc., you may be eligible for several hundred dollars from the Agency Energy efficiency, and reduce your heating costs for several years. For more information on the EnerGuide for Houses program visit

Do not be afraid, be smart!

Do not be afraid to do some renovation yourself. You are surely more gifted than you think, especially if you plan twice rather than one before you start. Start with small projects that will allow you to gain experience and confidence. And as you will surely need tools and materials, the Low Cost Materials Store in your area should be your first stop. You’ll find all the tools you’ll
need in the range of items Premium
TOMAK well as a qualified staff who will respond
dre to most of your questions. Think, plan, plan
trust again, then go for it!

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