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Strength is to admit, the bathroom is a very busy room, day after day. This room is also subjected to the heat and steam of the shower, two elements conducive to the development of mold. This is why the bathroom needs to be renovated more often than other parts of the house. However, since this is a small room, this renovation can be an interesting project for the handyman.

The shower

The first thing to do to improve your shower is to replace the showerhead with a reduced flow model that will save you up to 7,500 liters of water annually and up to $ 16 in electricity.
Let’s take the example of a shower lasting 8 minutes with a start of 11 liters per minute. If you have an ordinary shower head, your total hot water consumption will be 88 liters. By replacing it with a low-flow showerhead, the amount of hot water used will be 76 liters, saving more than 10 liters of hot water. Do you fear a decrease in pressure? Do not think about it anymore! Water pressure will not be affected, as most shower heads are equipped with a pressure regulator. Moreover, for the last five years all the models of shower heads that one finds in the market are reduced flow. If yours is older, opting for a more recent one will save you energy.
Installing a shower head is easy and fast. A simple key is required. Here are a few tips :

• Cover the fitting with a towel before tightening with the wrench to avoid scratching the finish.
• Cover the thread with Teflon sealing tape to prevent leakage.
It is almost as simple to replace taps that have grown old. You only need a few screwdrivers, a wrench and Teflon sealing tape.


If you plan to repaint your bathroom, you must first remove any mildew, otherwise it will reappear on the new paint. A ceramic tile may be used for this purpose, but only if you intend to repaint, as these products may dissolve the existing paint coat.
Specialists in the Low-Cost Materials store in your area have all the tools, materials and equipment you’ll need to renovate your bathroom, including the excellent Aquadis product line and a wide selection of ceramic tiles .

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