Revitalize your bathroom

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Strength is to admit, the bathroom is a very busy room, day after day. This room is also subjected to the heat and steam of the shower, two elements conducive to the development of mold. This is why the bathroom needs to be renovated more often than other parts of the house. However, since this is a small room, this renovation can be an interesting project for the handyman.

The shower

The first thing to do to improve your shower is to replace the showerhead with a reduced flow model that will save you up to 7,500 liters of water annually and up to $ 16 in electricity.
Let’s take the example of a shower lasting 8 minutes with a start of 11 liters per minute. If you have an ordinary shower head, your total hot water consumption will be 88 liters. By replacing it with a low-flow showerhead, the amount of hot water used will be 76 liters, saving more than 10 liters of hot water. Do you fear a decrease in pressure? Do not think about it anymore! Water pressure will not be affected, as most shower heads are equipped with a pressure regulator. Moreover, for the last five years all the models of shower heads that one finds in the market are reduced flow. If yours is older, opting for a more recent one will save you energy.
Installing a shower head is easy and fast. A simple key is required. Here are a few tips :

• Cover the fitting with a towel before tightening with the wrench to avoid scratching the finish.
• Cover the thread with Teflon sealing tape to prevent leakage.
It is almost as simple to replace taps that have grown old. You only need a few screwdrivers, a wrench and Teflon sealing tape.


If you plan to repaint your bathroom, you must first remove any mildew, otherwise it will reappear on the new paint. A ceramic tile may be used for this purpose, but only if you intend to repaint, as these products may dissolve the existing paint coat.
Specialists in the Low-Cost Materials store in your area have all the tools, materials and equipment you’ll need to renovate your bathroom, including the excellent Aquadis product line and a wide selection of ceramic tiles .…


It’s time to renovate

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Caution before you embark!
Ah! Spring! Period of the year in which the thoughts of the owners are occupied by the improvements to be made to their residence. Many of you are probably considering a two-week leave to perform a blitz in this bathroom or kitchen that you simply can not look at. Bravo! But beware! Caution should be exercised. You should spend more time planning your renovation project than realizing it.

Plan to Save

Before starting to break down the walls, I suggest you spend a few
dollars to a critical step – planning – which will save you hundreds of dollars and even more in the long run. Have your home inspected by an advisor of the Canadian EnerGuide for Houses program on energy efficiency in homes. A qualified technician will visit you and:

– determine the EnerGuide rating of your home’s energy efficiency;
– Recommend the necessary renovations to increase the comfort and efficiency
energy in your home; and
– if necessary, will help you get grants for this purpose.

The technician will check the insulation and hermeticity of your home, as well as the efficiency of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. If you own a single family dwelling, the inspection could cost you as little as $ 149.95. If you plan your renovations to improve the EnerGuide rating of your home by insulating, eliminating air leaks, replacing windows, etc., you may be eligible for several hundred dollars from the Agency Energy efficiency, and reduce your heating costs for several years. For more information on the EnerGuide for Houses program visit

Do not be afraid, be smart!

Do not be afraid to do some renovation yourself. You are surely more gifted than you think, especially if you plan twice rather than one before you start. Start with small projects that will allow you to gain experience and confidence. And as you will surely need tools and materials, the Low Cost Materials Store in your area should be your first stop. You’ll find all the tools you’ll
need in the range of items Premium
TOMAK well as a qualified staff who will respond
dre to most of your questions. Think, plan, plan
trust again, then go for it!…


Your walls: that’s what’s in it that’s important!

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One of the best ways to increase the value of a home is to add a room to it. It is also a good way to adapt the residence to the realities of a growing family that needs more space. To do this, several possibilities exist: digging the foundations, adding a new structure, or winterizing a large veranda so that it can be used year round.
Remember that what goes into the walls matters as much as the walls themselves. Good insulation is essential to ensure comfort and energy efficiency. Hydro-Québec estimates that an average home can lose up to 40% of its heat due to poor insulation of the walls, empty spaces between the roof and the ceiling and foundations. An important part of the thermal envelope of a house, insulation constitutes the barrier between the raw air from the outside and the air treated from the inside. It is therefore important throughout the year. If it is very expensive to heat a house in winter, it should be remembered that insulation helps keep the house cool during the summer. This is all the more important as a 10,000 BTU air conditioner uses approximately 502 kilowatt hours of electricity during the warm season!
Insulators come in several forms: semi-rigid insulation panels that are installed between wall studs, insulating mattresses, rigid panels for walls, particulate stuffing materials for small irregular spaces, insulating foam.
The insulation must be chosen according to the needs and taking into account the thermal resistance value of the product. The value “R” (or RSI value) is the thermal resistance to heat loss by conduction and per inch of thickness. The higher this “R” value, the more efficient the insulation. To save energy, it is important that the insulation level of the areas of the house complies with minimum R-values. It is usually recommended:
• Basement Floor: R5
• Basement Walls: R17
• Walls above the ground: R20
• Attic and roof: R40
For example, if a person wants to insulate walls above grade using R7 rigid panels, they will need to install 3-inch panels to provide adequate insulation. Rigid panels are probably the easiest to handle for handymen. They can be covered with drywall or paneling. However, it is sometimes preferable to use a combination of rigid and semi-rigid insulation boards.
Although there is no need to skimp on insulation, it is possible to save by choosing the right products and the right retailer. Employees at the Low-Cost Materials store in your area can help you choose high-quality insulation, and advise you on how to make your work easier.…


The insulation of the roof is very important!

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When I was a child, in the winter, my mother always said to me: “Wear a hat! It is by the head that you lose all your warmth! I hate hats, but my mother was right: it is indeed from above that warm air escapes, not only from the body, but also from the house.
Without adequate insulation, your home may lose much of its heat, including 11% of the roof. If it is flat and you can not access it from the inside, the addition of an insulating coating should be done by an entrepreneur. On the other hand, if your attic is easy to access, you can do the work yourself.

Check your insulation

If you have access to your roof, some signs (mold or discoloration of the existing insulation) may confirm a problem and indicate where hot air escapes. By checking your attic when the winter temperature is extremely cold outside, you will be able to see or not the presence of frost. If necessary, a good amount of frost will confirm a ventilation problem.

Insulation in roll or mat or bulk insulation?

If your attic is uniform and there are not too many obstructions over the joints, insulation with roll or mat or mat insulation is ideal. If there are several obstructions, you will need to use bulk insulation to finish covering the surface and fill the spaces. Remember that it is better to have a layer of insulation over the joints and all around the obstructions. If the space is very irregular, it will be simpler to use only bulk insulation. No matter what you use, check the thermal resistance value of the product and use the thickness required to achieve the R40 coefficient.
The mat (or mat) insulation has the appearance of a roll of wadded wool and is sold in widths of 16 or 24 inches. After measuring the space between your joints, cut a piece of insulation of adequate size in the roll; If this is not possible (the piece can not cover everything), cut a complementary piece in another roll, or use bulk insulation. Place your pieces between the joints and fill any remaining space with bits of mat insulation.
A second insulating layer may be installed at an angle to the first; It is also possible to use mat insulation (or mattress insulation). The important thing is not to interfere with the ventilation of the roof. Also, allow a minimum clearance between 1.5 inches and 2 inches between the top of the insulation and the underside of the roof.
If the bulk insulation can be transvided by hand, it is imperative to ensure a uniform thickness across the attic to obtain the correct thermal resistance value.
Isolating an attic is a demanding operation and is an investment for your home. Whether you do it yourself or not, you can get help and even financial support through the EnerGuide for Houses program. If you are uncertain about the need for better insulation, a certified technician can go to your home and conduct a thorough and professional audit. Visit the Energy Efficiency Agency website for more information.…


5 Signs You Need Calgary Roofing Repairs

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Do you want to carry out Calgary roofing repairs? Calgary City is in Canada’s Alberta province. There are many reasons why you need regular roof inspections. Your roof is an important part of your home. Depending on its age, issues such as storm damage or poor installations can lead to increase in its deterioration. Carrying out regular inspections enables it to withstand extreme weather conditions and also prolongs its life. This post gives you 5 signs you need Calgary roofing repairs.


  • Gutter Waterfalls

One sign you need is if you experience gutter waterfalls. That’s because gutters get clogged with leaves and debris during extreme weather conditions. This clogging makes your gutters to experience flooding, which means water will fall over your homes interior.

The result is water damage to your home. Carrying out regular Calgary roofing inspections ensures you protect your home from water damage.

  • Storms

You should also check your roof after storms. That’s because storms come with high winds and hail, which damage your roofs’ shingles. Storms also leave debris on your roof, which in some cases leads to the creation of holes. The result is water damage to your home.

  • Algae Growth

Another sign you need Calgary roofing repairs is the presence of algae growth. That’s because algae prefer to grow in humid areas, for example, your roof. Keep in mind that black algae and green moss usually grow after rainy days.

  • Discolored Ceilings

You should also contact professional roofing contractors if your roof shows signs of discoloring or spots. That’s because these are signs of leaking roofs. These roofs can lead to Mold growth. You should bear in mind that Mold growth leads to the decrease in your property’s value and also increases allergy and asthma symptoms.

  • Missing or Broken Shingles

Your roof needs repairs if you spot missing or damaged shingles. That’s because if these parts are missing, your roof will experience water damage, for example, as a result of water seepage. You want to avoid costly home repairs and remodeling. Carrying out regular Calgary roofing repairs is one way to prevent these scenarios.


What to Do

  • Ask for written estimates from Calgary roofing contractors. That enables you to plan your budget and avoid payment disputes.
  • Consider hiring contractors with physical addresses in Calgary City. It allows you to reach them fast in the case of emergencies.
  • Ask for proof of insurance covers. That’s because you need to hire roofing contractors with workers’ and business compensation insurance. It prevents you from paying for damages arising out of their roofing jobs.


Final Thoughts

Carrying out Calgary roofing repairs should be easier using the above guide. Check your budget estimates and hire roofing contractors with physical addresses in Calgary City.…